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A little bit of history!

P&S Organ Supply was born of two organ builder’s passion to supply the organ trade with the highest quality standard and custom made parts and provide a friendly efficient service that caters to all of its customers' needs.

Forty years later P&S Organ Supply Company (UK) Ltd continues to follow those founding principles in which over two generations of organ builders have placed their trust. We are proud to serve hundreds of organ builders worldwide whose level of craftsmanship and dedication to the trade continue to keep an important and historical industry alive for future generations.

Established in the early 1960's in Essex, P&S moved to a purpose built premises in Brandon, Suffolk in the mid 1970's. From here we continued to serve a worldwide community of organ builders providing the reliable service we had become known for. During the 1980's and 1990's we continued to expand our operations increasing the size of the Brandon premises, setting up a sales office in the U.S.A and growing our staff of dedicated craftsmen. Today we continue to manufacture and ship complete organs and organ parts globally, we have been involved in helping to build some of the most prestigious organs in the last century and we have been associated with some the most highly respected organ builders in the trade, establishing ourselves as the market leaders, providing unrivalled quality and design that can be found in churches, cathedrals, concert halls, and the occasional house! in every corner of the world.

The new millennium has brought with it some testing challenges for our industry. As old friends and highly respected names disappear from the trade we understand now more than ever that our customers need a service that not only provides the highest quality and cost effective products and solutions, but also an efficient and dedicated team ready to offer unparalleled advice and support, willing to go the extra mile to ensure their every requirement and expectation is met and exceeded. Thats why our customers choose P&S

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A glance to the future!

As we look to the future we want to ensure our long term stability within the market place and to continue to provide our services to future generations of organ builders. It is perhaps fair to say that we are in a declining industry and not only in terms of the pipe organ trade but also as a manufacturing company in the Western market where costs are constantly driven higher by the rises in the price of crude oil and timber. New European directives put an end to long established manufacturing processes completely closing the door to hundreds of years of tried and tested craftsmanship. However, we remain positive about the future, every new challenge can be met with new solutions and it is this ability to adapt to our changing market that has allowed us to continue doing what we do best to help our customers do what they do best.

We introduced our 'tailor-made' philosophy whereby  listening to exactly what our customers’ needs are and what their budget is, we can tailor make a package uniquely for them to fit around their resources and time scales. We're not magicians but we do have a few tricks up our sleeves and we do everything we can to help our customers get what they need at prices they can afford.

Continuing investment in top spec machinery not only helps to keep our lead times down but also means even more competitively priced products. Our keyboard making shop already benefits from such investment with the introduction of our brand new CNC machine and with more of the same planned for the future you can expect to see huge leaps forward in the production of our soundboards (slider wind chests), benches, keyboards and many other pipe organ parts. The pin-point accuracy of these new machines combined with the latest 2D and 3D CAD software will ensure that the service we provide will set new standards in efficiency and quality.

We are already looking to provide an extended service to all organ builders, one day we want P&S to provide not only the high quality parts we're already renowned for but also to offer a range of quality engineered and electronic components to complete electronic pipe organ key and stop action systems. By teaming up with the world's market leaders in these areas P&S will continue to provide not only a great service, but also a complete service - a 'one stop shop' for all organ building needs.

The most important thing for the future is to embrace that we are all in it together; if the trade suffers we all suffer. In our time we have all been honored with carrying the mantel of maintaining the organ building trade and preserving these magnificent instruments for future generations to enjoy, and it is they who stand to lose the most. For over forty years P&S has provided not just supply but also support and it is support that will cement our industries long term survival. At P&S our promise to our customers is that we will continue to support them by doing our best to keep our prices competitive so that they too can remain competitive and appeal to a wider market.  However, with a mind to serving not only our needs as individual businesses but also the needs of the industry we must all work together to find new ways of reaching a wider customer base not only within our own markets but also within the emerging markets around the world. By working together and supporting one another we can focus on our common interests and ensure that pipe organs new and old will continue to play for years to come.

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