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It has been some years since we last produced a comprehensive catalogue of our products, currently we are still reviewing our product range and pricing. Below you can find links to PDF versions of our 2004 catalogue which contains in detail many of the items available. For further enquiries including current pricing please contact us directly.

Section 1 
For new keyboards and keyboard restoration,                   
thumb and toe pistons, drawstop knobs and                   
engraving, pedalboards, and benches. 
Section 2 
For complete mechanical and electric consoles,                   
console shells, and mechanical console chassis. 
Section 3 
For slider and electro pneumatic chests, off note     
and conveyance chests. 
Section 4 
For wood and metal pipes.
Section 5 
For wind system components, mechanical action   
parts, swell shades and tonal boxes, wood pipe feet,    
electric and mechanical parts. 
Section 6 
For complete and semi complete organs.

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