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Magnetic Toggle Keyboards.


Our range of electric and mechanical action keyboards are widely regarded as the finest quality keyboards in the trade and as such have become the industry standard.

Our 'flagship' C200 Deluxe Top Resistance Keyboard has been used for many high profile installations. For our customer's that require the same effortless play offered through the top resistance springing but on a tighter budget, we developed the C175 Magnetic Top Resistance Keyboard.

The toggle action is achieved by two attracting magnets, one fixed and one adjustable both positioned at the front of each key. The key return is achieved by an adjustable coil spring positioned at the back of the key. The key depth is set by adjustable front up stops.

All P&S keyboards are manufactured from laminated basswood to reduce the risk of warping in the array of atmospheric humidities worldwide. And as with all P&S keyboards the best materials and precision manufacturing methods, quality care and attention are used in construction.


C175 Magnetic Top Resistance Keyboard Drawing

  C175 Magnetic Top Resistance Keyboard Images  
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